DIY Dreamcatcher

It’s been a white since my last post, but now that school is out for the summer, I can get back into what I love most – projects. Recently, I made a dreamcatcher for my boyfriend because he’s never owned one, and I adore them. This is a very traditional dreamcatcher because it was my first attempt, but you can view some beautiful contemporary designs by Rachael Rice here.

Although it takes some time, it’s not a very difficult craft if you’re just making a basic dreamcatcher. You’ll need a metal hoop, suede lace, thin string, feathers, beads, and a needle. You will also want scissors, a glue gun, and any other decorations you may want to add. I used some blue and purple paint to paint some boring white and brown beads. Because dreamcatchers usually have a stone in the middle to capture your dreams, you may want to choose a special bead that will be different from the rest. The hoop I chose is about four inches in diameter, but they come in many sizes. My suede was brown, and my string was dark blue. I recommend choosing colors that will reflect you or the person you’re making it for. I got all of my supplies at Michael’s. They actually had a small section specifically for dreamcatcher supplies.

First, use a small amount of hot glue to secure the suede lace to the hoop. Hold it down, and begin wrapped the hoop tightly without overlapping. Hot glue does not stick to metal as well as one would hope, so you may need to glue throughout your wrapping to keep it from unraveling. When you reach the end, add it a dot of hot glue and hold until it feels secure. At this point, you can also create the loop from which the dream catcher will hang and then cut your suede. Because my suede lace was difficult to manipulate, I used thin string to hang it when I finished everything else.


Using your thin string, tie the beginning to spot on the hoop in between the suede lace so that it cannot be easily seen. Next, loosely wrap the string around the hoop, approximately an inch apart depending on the size of your hoop. If possible, these sections should also fit between the gaps in the suede lace. You should be creating loops in the string. When you reach the end, use your needle to pull the string through the loops you’ve just made. Continue pulling string through the loops gradually toward the middle of the hoop, creating a web. It doesn’t need to be very tight because you will put it tighter when you reach the middle.


When you reach the middle and are content with your design, put the string a little tighter and thread a unique bead in the middle of the web. Unfortunately mine is not symmetric or perfectly webbed, but imperfect is fine with me. Tie it tightly to secure it, and your web is finished. From there, you can move on to decorating the dreamcatcher with beads and feathers.

You can either use more suede lace to hang from the hoop or different types of string( I used suede lace because I wanted to stick to a traditional look this time around). I cut a piece of suede and looped it between the hoop and a section of the web. Then I threaded a bead over the two sides of the piece to keep it in place, creating two dangling pieces of suede lace. This seemed like the easiest method for the suede lace because it was too thick to make actual knots around the hoop. I did this three times evenly spaced around the bottom of the hoop.

When you have pieces dangling down, you can begin adding more decorations. First, thread whatever beads you want to use onto the piece. Using your glue gun, glue a feather or two to the very bottom of the piece. Depending on the feather, the beads could slip over the feather too easily. If this is the case, fasten the lower bead with blue at the base of the feather. This will keep the beads from slipping, and securing the bead over the feather hides any ugly glue residue.

Repeat the same process on your remaining ends. I also glued feathers to the beads near the top that I used to hold the suede lace together. Consider the length of your dangling pieces. In my case, I wanted them to be longer in the middle and proportional on the sides, so make sure you cut them to size before you begin gluing.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, use some extra string to hang the dreamcatcher. Depending on your supplies, it may be delicate, but as long as everything is dry, it is free to hang.

Make the dreamcatcher a representation of yourself, and if you feel confident, add some unique items to your project. I’m looking forward to creating one for myself this summer with a little more flair to it.



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