Hang Jewelry on Your Wall

Looking for a way to both display and organize your jewelry? I’ve tried many things over the years. First, I had a plastic tube with a top that the jewelry hanged from. This worked fine until I suddenly had a lot of jewelry and most of it was far too long for the container. Then I bought a tree, which is beautiful…for short necklaces or bracelets.

So one day I looked through my tool box, and I found some small hooks that I somehow ended up with over time. I’m pretty sure I picked them up at a swap meet, but even at a place like Home Depot I imagine they’d be extremely inexpensive. So I measured out my space, used a small leveler to keep my line straight, and marked the wall with pencil so the hooks would be evenly spaced apart.

The hooks twisted in easily, and they hold several necklaces on each hook. It sits underneath my Nan Lawson photo, aligned with the edges of the frame. Now I can display my jewelry and keep it untangled. I also continue to use my jewelry tree for hanging shorter chains and some bracelets. This is the easiest, fastest DIY project there is.



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