Lace Earring Tree

Dangling earrings can be difficult to store or hang, so I found a simple, cute way to remedy the problem. This project only cost me about $3, and you can design it to fit in with your decor.

All you need is a cheap frame, some lace, scissors, and a glue gun. Depending on the frame, you may also want spray paint. I picked up a frame at the dollar store and spray painted it with a leftover can that I had. Your lace should be a tight pattern rather than open so that the earrings can stay in place.

First, remove the frame backing and glass. Cut the lace to fit over the opening of the frame. Leave enough extra fabric on the sides just in case. You can always cut the excess lace after. Because of the type of frame I had, my only choice was to glue the lace down with a glue gun, but it may need to be re-glued in the future because the earrings may pull at the lace, causing wear. You can also use a staple gun if you have a wood frame. Begin gluing the lace, and pull the sides tightly over the frame’s opening as you glue it down. It should be pulled tight to better hold the earrings.

Once it’s glued and feels secure, it’s ready for use. It’s probably easiest to lean against something because the backs of the earrings may not lay properly if you try to hang the frame on a wall. It is somewhat delicate, but it holds my earrings well, and now I can actually display them instead of leaving them laying on my dresser.


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