Magnetic Makeup Board

I’ve seen a lot of Pinterest tutorials for magnetic makeup boards, so here’s my take on the craft. I recently moved into a room with a much larger bathroom with counter space. I’m taking advantage of this by utilizing more drawer space, shelves, and counter top decorations like this piece.


For this project, you’ll need a piece of metal, which you can buy for relatively cheap at Home Depot. The thickness is up to you. I chose one this is fairly thin. You will also need a frame of some sort that fits the metal. My dad made me this one in his workshop, but any frame from anywhere will work as long as it has a backing to support the metal (particularly if the metal is thin and flimsy). This will also require a hot glue gun, fabric, spray adhesive, and various sized magnets.


First, iron the fabric you plan to use so that it doesn’t show any creases when it sticks to the metal. Then take the metal, fabric, and adhesive spray outside, and evenly cover the metal with glue. Carefully lay down the fabric and smooth it down quickly before it begins to dry. Fold the side pieces over and use a glue gun to secure them to the back of the metal.

Once the fabric is dry and set, place the metal inside the frame and secure the backing. Next, use the glue gun to glue magnets to your eyeshadows, blushes, powders, etc. and allow them a moment to dry. They should be ready to place on the board and hang or set out on display.


For brushes and eyeliners or eyebrow pencils, use a mason jar or glass to hold them in one place. Fill with small beads if necessary to make it higher. Now your makeup can be easily accessible so that you can always see your options rather than rummaging through a drawer. This is an easy and helpful DIY for managing a cluttered drawer.


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