Spice Up Old Clothespins


When I get bored, I look for projects to do. One day, I scavenged for all the clothespins I could find in my apartment, and began painting. It adds a little color to my otherwise boring, crowded pantry, and with a little glue, I made magnets for my fridge.


All you need are clothespins, paint, small brushes, magnet(s), scissors, and a glue gun. If you feel like going all out, add some glitter. Paint them however you please. If you plan to turn them into magnets, there’s no need to paint both sides.


To make the clothespins magnetic, I found an old sheet to cut up. It was one of those tiny little calendars realtors give out with their faces on them. Measure it according to the clothespin, and cut a sliver of it to match the top part of the pin. With your glue gun, paste the magnet to the back and press. Give it a second to dry, and it should be ready for the fridge.


Use them to hang pictures or reminders to personalize your kitchen. Just remember, it won’t hold very much weight unless you have a heavy-duty magnet glued on. Mine are kind of flimsy, but that’s what I get for choosing not to actually purchase real magnets. After all, I am a poor college student, but I’m sure better magnets are available for cheap at your local craft store.



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