Herringbone Painting


Based on a Pinterest post I fell in love with, I painted my own herringbone pattern on a 12 X 12 canvas. I can share with you what difficulties I came across trying to make this, and hopefully you can perfect it if you try it on your own.


You will need a canvas, several colors of acrylic paint, brushes, a sponge, and painter’s tape. I used a 12 X 12 canvas, but I believe any square canvas would be appropriate. I used a lot of different colors, but you should use as many as you see fit.

Using a medium-sized paintbrush, blot several colors over the canvas. Blend your colors together using the brush and/or a sponge. Make sure the entire canvas is covered with color. Let the paint dry completely.



While the paint dries, take the time to cut your tape. This is the most time-consuming part of the project. My 12 X 12 canvas required about 50 pieces of tape, which I cut to a 3-inch length. I also cut the tape to 3/4 of an inch in width. If possible, I’d recommend buying thinner tape, but I already had a thicker type at home.

When the canvas is dry, begin laying the tape in a herringbone pattern, starting from one corner. Lay the tape gently so that you can rearrange it if necessary. When you’re sure you have the pattern fixed, press the tape down firmly.


Paint over the tape with white (or another color if you prefer). I used two layers of white paint to cover the open areas. Let it dry completely before removing the pieces of tape. This is where I encountered my biggest problem. The white paint seeped underneath the tape, and it didn’t allow for a clean line when I removed the tape later. The type of tape I used is probably responsible for my problem, so I’d recommend buying “the good stuff” for a project like this. Spray paint could also remedy this problem.


After you’ve removed the tape and the canvas is dry, paint the edges of the canvas with a color that compliments the colors in the pattern. Once this is dry, your herringbone painting is complete and ready to hang.



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