Custom Nail Polish


I am a nail polish addict. Thanks to Pinterest, I learned how to make my own nail polish using only eye shadow. This is probably the coolest thing I have ever come across. Below is my tutorial for making your own polish. I made a custom shade to give my sister for Christmas, which was very well-received. It’s a cute and inexpensive gift idea for anyone.


All you need is a clear bottle of nail polish (not to be confused with a clear base or top coat), the color eye shadow you wish to mix, a toothpick, and some paper to make a funnel. For the clear polish, I used the NYC brand from Target, which was the cheapest one available. You will need a decent amount of eye shadow if you want a strong color, but the cheapest stuff you can find is fine. I mixed pink and purple to make a medium purple polish, and the pallet I bought was only a dollar.


Using your toothpick, scrape the eye shadow out of its container and onto a plate or piece of paper.  Crush the shadow with the toothpick until it is as fine as possible. This will make it easier to mix. Roll the piece of paper into a funnel small enough to fit the opening of nail polish bottle. When you’re content with the color of the eye shadow, pour a small amount into the bottle using the funnel. Do not pour it all in at once, or you may have a difficult time mixing it together.


If necessary, use the toothpick to begin mixing the shadow with the polish. I preferred to put the top back on and shake the bottle until the colors mixed together. Then add more shadow, and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the color.

Shake well and repeat until the color is completely mixed, and your polish should be finished and ready to use. Below is an example of my finished project, using my mom as my lovely hand model.


I put a bow around the neck of the bottle with a note that labeled the nail polish “sister sister,” and put inside a small wrapped box. My sister loved it. I think I will definitely make nail polish again for easy, heartfelt gifts.

One problem I noticed with my polish was that the color would quickly separate, looking similar to water separated from vinegar. There probably is no way to completely prevent this, so be sure to shake the polish well before you intend to use it.


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