Square Photo Collage


I have an incredible amount of extra photos lying around. These are either duplicates of the photos in my scrapbook or photos that just never found a place. For a while, a lot of people were posting about instagram collages, which really just means a bunch of square photos. I took this idea and ran with until I came up with this collage. Let’s be honest. There’s nothing very special about it, but it looks great sitting on my bookshelf in our tiny excuse for a hallway.

For this project, all you will need is a frame (the size is up to you), photos, a paper cutter, multiple colors of cardstock, and some type of glue or sticky squares. My frame is 16 X 20 in., and I chose it with the intention of never actually hanging it, so I chose the cheapest thin frame I could find. I began by cutting my photos to 4 X 4 in. because of the size of my frame, so adjust accordingly based on the size. Because of the way I laid out my photos, I used ten. When cutting, always remember that it’s better to cut something just a tiny bit too big than too small. You can always shave off a little on the sides, but you can never get it back if you trim it too much.


Next, I cut different colors of cardstock to the same size. I also needed ten of these. After everything was cut, I laid out the pattern I wanted to make sure I liked it before I glued everything down. If you want, you could also leave out the cardstock completely and use all photos throughout the collage. In fact, this would make it more of an actual collage. Because of where I planned to put it, I didn’t want to go for the cluttered look. It would be too difficult to tell what you were looking at when it was in a corner with a bunch of other things.


I chose sticky squares to lay down the pieces because glue is messy and if you don’t like where you put it, good luck trying to move it. When you buy a new frame, it generally comes with a paper inside that fits the size of the frame, usually with a smiling couple or something on it. Using this perfectly cut piece of paper, I alternately stuck down my squares, making sure to fit each piece directly next to the other and along the edges of the paper. All your lines between pieces should line up. If they don’t, adjust. If adjusting isn’t enough, you may need to trim a little off the sides of certain pieces.


When you’re satisfied, lay the collage in the frame, put the back on, and your photo collage should be ready to display. You could go so many ways with a project like this. If making it for a gift, you could replace the cardstock with little notes, signatures of party guests, or even quotes. You could also use newspaper clippings or book pages or more photos. It simply depends on you and the occasion.


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