Dinner Date Passport

IMG_3529Living in the city is amazing. I grew up in a smaller town where there were only a few places to eat (even less that were actually “good”), so living near so many restaurants is exciting. My boyfriend and I constantly mention places we want to go, but when we actually dine out, we frequent the same places over and over. So what better way to remember all of these places we want to go than with a PASSPORT?

I’ve talked about it for so long that I’m thrilled that I can finally make and share this project. It was so easy, I finished it within an hour. You’ll need a piece of colored cardstock, several pieces (5) of white paper, heavy string, a needle, and some embellishments. I used regular white printer paper, but it made the pages extremely see-through. I’d recommend using a heavier paper to avoid this. As for embellishments, I used washi tape and stamps with embossing powder.

IMG_3506Start by designing your pages on your computer. I just used Word, set it up as a landscape document, and created boxes for each side of the page. I added a box in the corner where we’ll “stamp” the passport when we eat somewhere and a line for the date we dined there. I left a lot of blank space at the top because I didn’t want a very tall book. Once I printed them out, I put them back in to print on the other side as well (which is when I realized how see-through my paper was). Do a test first if you’re not sure how to insert the paper to print on the opposite side.

IMG_3514Print about five copies (front and back) and use a paper cutter to cut off excess white space around the boxes. Then cut your cardstock to be just slightly bigger than the white paper. Using stamps, clear ink and my embossing powder, I wrote “Dinner Date Passport” and melted the powder. If you’ve never used embossing powder before, I would absolutely recommend trying it. It’s one of my favorite scrapbooking items!

IMG_3517IMG_3518Next, fold all of the white paper down the middle, and fold the cardstock over it, leaving and even amount of space on all sides. Using the needle and string, carefully poke through all of the paper starting about half an inch down. String it across the fold and poke through the other side, leaving the same amount of space from the edge. Follow this pattern several times to hold all of the paper together along the fold. When it feels secure, pull the string under the binding you just created and loop it around into a knot. Do this several time until the knot seem strong enough to hold. You’ll want to do this on each end of the string. One side should be inside the book and the other outside. One alternative that will create the same look is to use staples instead of string, but my stapler would not have worked for this size and I preferred the look of string anyway. To cover the binding, lay a piece of washi tape down the middle.

IMG_3524IMG_3526Then start adding your destinations! My paper was too thin to use markers directly on the paper, so I wrote on some cardstock and used washi tape to hold it in place. You can also use stickers, stencils or even print your destinations right on the paper if you plan them out ahead of time. I knew we would add destinations as we think of them, so this allows me to add them in whenever. I’m so excited for us to start stamping our way through the passport!



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