Inspiration from around the Web

We all pull inspiration from others, whether it’s from blogs, Pinterest, our friends or even strangers on the street. So here are a few pieces that are sparking my inspiration this week:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.31.03 PM

1. This Feline Cozy Pillow from ModCloth that I vow to sew if I ever bring home a sewing machine.

San Francisco Painting 2. This SFO Wall Art from Nordstrom would fit into my city wall decor perfectly. With the right photo, I bet I could DIY this!

Professional Fashion

3. Hello, Gorgeous’s  professional fashion is really inspiring when I’m trying to plan outfits for my new job!

Paint Chip Calendar

4. I’ve been wanting to make a paint chip calendar like this one from Maple & Magnolia.

Water Marbling

5. Eventually I’ll do a water marbling project, and I really loved this photo marbling with nail polish project by A Beautiful Mess.


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