May Recap


May brought a lot of changes! I started my new job and will be finishing up my fourth week today. Time has been flying by and it’s been a hectic ride, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless (especially the paycheck).  I’m also enjoying having actual weekends because until recently, weekends to me were mythical things that only existed until you graduated high school.

At the beginning of May, I said goodbye to my coworkers at my two old jobs. It was sad to leave such great friends, but they were so supportive of my new job and embarrassed me with balloons and gifts on my final days.

Andrew graduated with his bachelor’s degree last week and I couldn’t be prouder of him as he starts his next adventure working full time. His family came down to attend, and I was able to meet some of his family members for the first time, which was really exciting considering we’ve already been together over a year. We had such a great day and night with friends and family.

Several of Andrew’s fraternity brothers also graduated this month, so we attended our mutual friend’s party, complete with karaoke, a fire pit and a DJ (his cousin).


My family visited me near Long Beach, bringing with them my two nieces who grow six inches every time I see them, I swear. My youngest niece just turned one a few weeks ago.


A friend turned 21 (finally) so we celebrated with a night of barhopping!


We also went rollerskating, which was both really fun and really difficult. It’s funny how things we did when we were kids become more difficult when we’re older and out of practice. After a few close calls, I like to think I got the hang of it though.


Recently, Andrew and I also came to the final decision to move in together in the apartment I currently live in. We’ve been talking about taking this next step for so long, and it’s crazy to think we’re finally going to do it in July! You know what moving means – more projects! I’m already driving him crazy with the things I want to do to OUR apartment, and he’s already rolling his eyes at how girly my ideas are, but we’ll work it out, and you’ll be seeing all of our new projects as they evolve. July 1st cannot come fast enough!


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