Inspiration from around the Web

This week’s Inspiration from around the Web is dedicated to the fact that Andrew moves in in TWO WEEKS! Looking forward to lots of redecorating (and so much more).

June Inspiration

1.  I love patterned accent walls like this one on Apartment Therapy. I’ve wanted to make an accent wall in our hallway – thinking about a herringbone pattern in light and dark grey.

2. Really digging this metallic diamond pillow cover from West Elm, and I bet I could make it with a little fabric, paint and better sewing skills.

3. These DIY hanging planters from A Beautiful Mess are perfect for small spaces like mine. Looking forward to finding hard-to-kill plants to hang in them.

4. This IKEA bookcase on rollers from Living Well, Spending Less is a cute DIY for upgrading an office space, and it just so happens I have the same one attached to my desk.

5. We want to paint the walls in the kitchen and living areas light grey, and I’m really digging the grey Behr paint in this dining room on Knight Moves.


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