June Recap


Is June really over already? Time is flying these days!

For us, June was the “month of weddings.” Everyone I know got married this month, I swear. Andrew and I attended two beautiful weddings – one for my old coworker and one for his cousin.


IMG_4520 IMAG1140

I watched the Kings win the Stanley Cup from a bar in Hermosa Beach this month with some new coworkers.



Andrew and I also attempted to play tennis again for the first time since high school. We did okay for two out-of-practice players, but our friends killed us on the court.


We’ve also spent the last few weeks preparing for the big move, which finally took place this weekend! We spent the weekend painting, cleaning and sorting through chaos with the help of our friends. So thankful they were willing to help out (though they were bribed with pizza and beer).

photo photo (1)

Saturday was the first day we could officially call it OUR apartment, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s all coming together piece by piece, and one day I’ll be able to share our ongoing updates.

Looking forward to another month and the 4th of July this weekend (my favorite holiday after Christmas)!


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