July Recap


IMAG1518 I guess you could say we took it easy this month. We’ve been working really hard to make our revamped apartment feel like home, and we’ve taken some time to relax as I’ve had some recent health issues keeping my energy down. July went by so quickly, I just can’t believe I’m already writing another monthly recap!

As you probably already know, the big news month is….we got a cat! Read more about our little Oliver here. He’s been with us for almost three weeks, and he’s gotten pretty comfortable (tearing up my new curtains, destroying his toys and wrecking havoc around our apartment). He’s adorable though, and he’s quite the cuddlebug. I absolutely love it.

IMG_4993IMG_4879Other than our little bundle of fur, we enjoyed a lot of family time this month. One of Andrew’s sisters recently moved to Los Angeles, so we’ve spent time with her as well as Andrew’s grandparents and cousins. My mom also came up to help me choose fabric for our curtains – my mom is a much, much better sewer than I am.



IMG_5045 IMAG1507

We also attended Renegade Craft Fair, which is something I’ve been looking forward to for months. Of course it was the one day that it rained in California in July, but once the drizzle let up it was a hot but beautiful day in downtown Los Angeles.


I’m so in love with craft fairs – is that weird of me to say? Everyone is just so nice and down to earth, and it’s so great to see all of the things that people do. Every time I go, I collect a hundred business cards so that I can come back to it all later through Etsy and Instagram because, sadly, I cannot afford everything (I try to though). Nonetheless, I made out with some great finds – a new print for our bedroom, a crazy cat lady mug, extremely awkward herbal tea, and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Plus we got to try some amazing food truck grub and specialty popsicles. It made for a wonderful Sunday, and I can’t wait until December when Renegade comes around again!

IMG_5010 IMG_5035IMG_5021IMG_5051 IMAG1483


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