August Recap


Another month, another recap! August has been wonderful, and sadly summer is coming to an end, but I’m definitely looking forward to cooler weather.

This month, we celebrated Andrew’s 23rd birthday (albeit maybe a little too hard). We spent a weekend on the river in Arizona with my family and spent a night on the town in Long Beach with our friends.

IMG_5227 IMG_5223 IMG_5225

I celebrated my three month anniversary at my job. It’s hard to believe three months has already passed. It’s true what they say – time flies as you get older. That’s right, I just called almost-23 OLD.


photo 5 (1)

Our friends came over for dinner in our constantly changing apartment. Now that we’ve hung our curtains, hung our artwork and made over our dining room chairs, the apartment feels much more like home. It also helps when Andrew randomly brings me flowers for the table. Oliver has truly made himself at home with us, which means my new curtains already have kitten claw holes in them…he’s lucky he’s cute.

IMG_5198 IMG_5143

Unfortunately, Oliver gave us a scare when we got back from our trip to Arizona. We found him stuck underneath our chair with a string wrapped around his paw, cutting off his circulation. After a scary trip to the animal hospital, I’m happy to say he’s perfectly fine.

IMG_5243 IMG_5368


This weekend Andrew and I are taking a trip to Pleasanton to visit his family for a big Scottish games festival. Although I’m dreading the long drive, it’s always entertaining to see Andrew in a kilt! Don’t worry; there will be photos. Looking forward to lots of food and sun for the long weekend.

As we move into September, I have even more to look forward to. My birthday is next Friday, and Andrew has been teasing me with boxes I can’t open for weeks. I also have plans to visit my family and fly to the East Coast for work later on. Here it goes!

Hope you all have a nice long weekend!


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