DIY Travel Laundry Bag

DSC_0231DSC_0217 I’m traveling this week, making stops in Omaha and Chicago for work. Knowing that I’d  be living out of a suitcase for a few days, I thought I’d take a shot at creating a travel bag for my lingerie. Ladies (and gentlemen), you know how it is. When traveling, you have to consciously sort the underwear you’ve worn and haven’t worn on separate sides of your suitcase or in plastic bags to make sure you can keep track. Same goes for socks.

Instead, here’s a solution to, what I shall dub, the “panty problem.” You can create this little zipper pouch with separate compartments for your worn and unworn items. Of course, you could make this on a larger scale for more clothing, but I think the small size is part of its appeal.

DSC_0204You’ll need:

  • Light canvas fabric (approx. one yard)
  • 2 zippers, 7 inches each
  • Matching thread
  • Pins
  • Fabric paint (2 colors)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • Seam ripper (if you have one)

First, you may need some basic sewing knowledge for this project, something that I have little of. I enlisted my mom’s help for the sewing portion. She’s the expert. Cut two pieces of your canvas, about 8 inches by 16 inches.


Run a very wide stitch on the long side of your fabric, leaving about a half inch seam. Then iron the seam open and pin your two zippers side-by-side, zipper sides facing down into your fabric and zipper heads facing inward towards each other. You will use a small stitch to sew them into place, going around the ends in a square, pulling the pins out at you go. I know it seems weird – sewing your zipper down into stitched fabric, but once the zippers are sewn, use a seam ripper or small scissors to cut and remove the original, wide stitch. This will give your zipper the proper look. At this point, open both zippers.

DSC_0211 DSC_0215

Then, stitch down the sides and bottom, going around the corners in a square. Once done, pull the bag right-side-out through one of the open zippers. Your seams should now be hidden inside of the bag. Run one more stitch down the middle of the bag, between the two zippers, and then iron out any leftover wrinkles. Not too bad, right?

DSC_0229 DSC_0257

The sewing portion of your bag is now complete! Use your pencil to draw what you would like to have on your bag, such as “wash” and “wear” with small pictures like I did. Carefully trace over or fill in with a small paintbrush and let dry, and then you have a travel laundry bag to take with you wherever you go.

I’ve only been traveling for a day, but I love it already! As I’m sitting here in my Omaha hotel, I’m thankful I made it when I did. Plus, it’s washable (assuming you’ve used fabric-safe paint), so you can clean it with your laundry when you get home.

Happy crafting!


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