Payday Wish List Vol. 12

I love quirky office items and office supplies in generally, really. I can totally geek out at Office Depot if I’ve got money in my pocket to spend. Right now, I’m really wishing I had the money for a total office makeover (one that Andrew and I share) because, as it stands, it rarely gets used. Our office has quickly turned into a room for storage and keep-away-from-the-kitten items.

Here are a few of my favorite office items I’m wishing for this week:

Payday Wish List_9-25-14

1 | Retro business card case by DecorativeDesignWKS on Etsy

2 | Get it on chalk wall planner from ModCloth

3 | Jonathon Adler Collection pendant design from Burke Decor

4 | Owl bookends from Z Gallerie

5 | Cat magnet from Urban Outfitters

Have a happy weekend!


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