Halloween Decor: Harry Potter Floating Candles

DSC_1102 DSC_1150If you’re familiar with Harry Potter, you probably remember the massive amount of floating candles in the Great Hall. Well, Andrew and I are pretty big Harry Potter geeks, so this floating candle craft turned out to be the perfect decoration for our first Halloween together in our apartment. It’s not too often that Andrew gets excited about crafts, but this one was actually HIS idea, and it came out wonderfully.

Here’s what you need:

  • Paper towel tubes (or wrapping paper tubes cut to size)
  • Clear fishing line
  • Clear thumbtacks
  • White colored paint
  • Cream colored paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Short tea lights (the tall ones will be very difficult to hang)
  • White cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Clear glue

Paper towel rolls are the best size for these candles, but if you can’t gather enough (we made 7) you can also cut wrapping paper tubes to the size you want (just make sure they are big enough around to fit a tea light). Trace the bottom of the tubes onto a piece of white cardstock and cut out the circles. Use a clear but heavy duty glue to stick the circles to the bottom of each tube.

While the glue dries, paint the entire tube white and let it dry completely. It might need two coats. Once dry, use your glue gun to glue around the very top of the tube and drizzle it down the sides to give the appearance of dripping candle wax. Set aside to harden. One the hot glue is dry and hardened, paint over the drips with a cream colored paint – this will show off the contrast between the candle and the dripping wax.

Next is the hard part because you have to be kind of exact. Hold the tea light in the very top of the tube, where you will want it to sit inside of the candle, and measure where it ends. This is where your fishing line will cross and your light will balance on top of the line, so it’s important that you mark the exact point that you want your light to sit on top of.DSC_1140DSC_1158Using a sharp object like a thumbtack or safety pin, pole one hole on each side of the tube where you measured the bottom of your light. Thread the fishing line through the holes, leaving about 2-3 feet of line for the tube to hang from. Turn on your tea lights and set inside of the tubes, sitting on top of the string. Depending on size, it might not be a perfect fit, but that’s ok! You can use a little tape to hold it in place if needed, but you don’t want to glue the tea light to the tube because you will need to be able to turn it on and off.DSC_1106 DSC_1141Tie the ends of the fishing line to thumbtacks and carefully hang from the ceiling at varying heights. Turn off the lights and prepare to be amazed by the spooky Harry Potterness of these floating candles! We hung them above our dining room table, making our own (very little) Great Hall and creating a gorgeous ambiance. Enjoy!


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