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DIY Wire Knot Ring


I love rings, but my skinny, boney fingers make it hard to find small sizes that don’t overwhelm my entire hand. There are lots of ways to use wire to make dainty rings in a variety of ways, such as with hearts, infinity symbols, etc. You can make this simple knot ring in just a few minutes with minimal effort.


You’ll need wire, wire cutters and/or shapers, and something round that is approximately the size of your finger. I used the skinny part of a highlighter to match my ring size.


Wrap the wire around the highlighter to create the circular shape and leave approximately two inches of extra wire before cutting it. It’s always better to have too much slack than not enough. Place it over your finger to make sure it will fit and adjust accordingly. Then begin wrapping the slack wire around itself into a ball. Bring pieces up and through it to tangle the wires. Cut off the unnecessary leftover wire and use the wire cutters/shapers to fold the ends into the knot to avoid catching it on anything.


Now you have a dainty ring made just for you in minutes!

Payday Wish List Vol. 1

Here’s to the start of my new ongoing series Payday Wish List to be featured every other Thursday! We all have those fantasy items we wish payday would allow us, and here are some of mine:

Anthro Duvet

1. This stunning Safie embroidered duvet cover from Anthropologie. Be still my heart.

Brass Bib Necklace

2. This cute geometric brass bib necklace by JunonJewelry on Etsy.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 4.57.18 PM

3. These sweet chunky Riviera tour heels from ModCloth that I think I could actually walk in.


ZigZag Ring

4. This little coral and aqua zigzag triangle ring from Dainty Hooligan.


Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 12.52.55 PM


5. This awesome Megan arm chair at Joss & Main.

Have a happy weekend!

Stud Earring Jewelry Box

IMG_3643 I’ve only had my ears pierced for a little over a year now, but I quickly started collecting earrings. I love earrings and find myself looking at them everywhere I go. At first, I would put all of my studs in a small glass catch-all bowl I picked up at IKEA. Then I accumulated more and more earrings, and it would take me five minutes to dig through the bowl to find what I was looking for. A while back, I came up with one earring storage solution with my lace earring tree for longer, dangly ones, but the studs were another story. Finally, I found a solution – a jewelry box. It sounds so obvious now, and it was one of the easiest projects that I’ve made.


You’ll need a shallow, wooden box that is wide enough to fit a pencil. I found the perfect one at Michael’s for just $5 (plus a coupon)! You will also need approximately eight unsharpened pencils, a hot glue gun, approximately eight pieces of felt, and some craft paint with paint brushes.




First, I painted the box white. I wanted something simple to blend in with the rest of my room since my dresser is already really crowded. While you wait for it to dry, cut the sides of the felt to match the width of the inside of the box. Mine was 8.5 inches wide. I chose black to stand out against the white, but my black or dark colored earrings blend in a little too well. I’d suggest a different color. Using the hot glue gun, glue the pencil to the very end of the felt and begin rolling it so that the felt curls tightly around the pencil. Glue the end of the felt to the wrapped portion. This should fit somewhat snuggly inside the box. Do that to all of your pencils. I used eight total because of the size of my box, but for the last roll, I cut the felt so that the roll would be thinner than all of the others. The last roll needed to be thinner to fit inside the box without making the others too crammed together, and without the last roll there was too much space.



Then add in your studs and enjoy! It’s quick, easy and very efficient. And I live for efficient!

Hang Jewelry on Your Wall

Looking for a way to both display and organize your jewelry? I’ve tried many things over the years. First, I had a plastic tube with a top that the jewelry hanged from. This worked fine until I suddenly had a lot of jewelry and most of it was far too long for the container. Then I bought a tree, which is beautiful…for short necklaces or bracelets.

So one day I looked through my tool box, and I found some small hooks that I somehow ended up with over time. I’m pretty sure I picked them up at a swap meet, but even at a place like Home Depot I imagine they’d be extremely inexpensive. So I measured out my space, used a small leveler to keep my line straight, and marked the wall with pencil so the hooks would be evenly spaced apart.

The hooks twisted in easily, and they hold several necklaces on each hook. It sits underneath my Nan Lawson photo, aligned with the edges of the frame. Now I can display my jewelry and keep it untangled. I also continue to use my jewelry tree for hanging shorter chains and some bracelets. This is the easiest, fastest DIY project there is.


Lace Earring Tree

Dangling earrings can be difficult to store or hang, so I found a simple, cute way to remedy the problem. This project only cost me about $3, and you can design it to fit in with your decor.

All you need is a cheap frame, some lace, scissors, and a glue gun. Depending on the frame, you may also want spray paint. I picked up a frame at the dollar store and spray painted it with a leftover can that I had. Your lace should be a tight pattern rather than open so that the earrings can stay in place.

First, remove the frame backing and glass. Cut the lace to fit over the opening of the frame. Leave enough extra fabric on the sides just in case. You can always cut the excess lace after. Because of the type of frame I had, my only choice was to glue the lace down with a glue gun, but it may need to be re-glued in the future because the earrings may pull at the lace, causing wear. You can also use a staple gun if you have a wood frame. Begin gluing the lace, and pull the sides tightly over the frame’s opening as you glue it down. It should be pulled tight to better hold the earrings.

Once it’s glued and feels secure, it’s ready for use. It’s probably easiest to lean against something because the backs of the earrings may not lay properly if you try to hang the frame on a wall. It is somewhat delicate, but it holds my earrings well, and now I can actually display them instead of leaving them laying on my dresser.