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Geometric Coasters

I spent a lot of time deciding how to make coasters. After spending too much time on Pinterest, I decided ceramic bathroom tiles were the best choice. Luckily, my dad had a couple extras laying around, so I didn’t even have to buy them.


All you need to make these geometric coasters are small, white bathroom tiles that are approximately 4 x 4 inches, painters tape, clear spray paint, felt, a hot glue gun, acrylic paint, and small paintbrushes. The tiles, tape, and clear spray paint are inexpensive at Home Depot, and the rest of the supplies are just as cheap at Michael’s. For my coasters, I chose two metallic colors that fit in with my color scheme, but additional colors work as well. You will also want black paint to make lines between the different color blocks. Any color of felt is fine. I had white laying around, so I went ahead and used that.

First, spread a piece of tape diagonally across the tile, and then across the other side. The edge of the tape should be touching each corner so that the tape forms a clear triangle patch. Paint this with you first color. You will probably need more than one coat. I needed about three. Give each section as much time to dry as possible so that the tape will not distort paint. Take off the top piece of tape to open up a second triangle. Paint this with your second color.


Remove the remaining piece of tape, and move on to the other side of the tile. Tape a new piece down the middle of the tile, making a small triangle. Paint this with the first color you used so that it is different than the color next to it. Remove the piece of tape, and place a new one down the middle on the adjacent side, creating the same triangle pattern in the opposite corner. Paint your second color here. At this point, it should look something like the picture below.


You should have a small square remaining. Place a piece of tape diagonally across the open square, and paint the color that will be different than the triangle next to it. When you peel off the last piece of tape, paint your final color in the open triangle.

When all of the paint is completely dry, use a very thin paintbrush and black paint to trace the lines between each color block. The black lines should cover up any residue between the opposing colors.

After the entire tile is dry, generously spray the entire thing with clear spray paint to seal it and create a glossy finish. At first, I used some good ol’ fashioned mod podge because it was all I had, but it left a sticky residue, so I would definitely recommend the spray paint instead.


Lastly, cut your felt a little smaller than the size of the coaster tile, and use the glue gun to glue it to the bottom of the tile. The felt will prevent the tile from scratching your table.

Your coasters are complete and ready to use.

Stay tuned for more coaster projects. While searching through the Michael’s clearance bins, I bought a pack of coasters for next-to-nothing. Eventually, I plan on mod podging them with something. We’ll see what happens.