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Chalkboard Clipboard


Now that Andrew and I officially share a grocery list, among other things, I wanted an easy way for us to keep track of what we needed for our next trip to the store. I have a million of those notepads that stick to the fridge, but the need for a pen always deters me from actually using them. Instead, I found a way to keep track that also hides easily – a chalkboard clipboard.


To make a chalkboard clipboard, you’ll need:

  • A clipboard (duh)
  • Chalkboard paint (duh)
  • Chalk (duh)
  • Masking or painters tape
  • Medium-sized paint brush
  • String
  • Liquid glue

Start off by taping a line across the top of the clipboard. I did this because trying to paint underneath/behind the clip would have been an unnecessary hassle. Start painting the bottom part with well-mixed chalkboard paint, including the sides. I find that chalkboard paint can be a little streaky, so take that into consideration when choosing a paint brush. Paint a couple coats until the bottom portion of the clipboard is covered. Once dry, remove the tape.

Before you start using your clipboard, you’re supposed to slate it. Run the side of a piece of chalk down the entirety of your chalkboard and then use a damp paper towel to wipe it clean. This acts as a setting for the paint.


Next,  cut a piece of string about 12 inches long and use a small amount of glue to wrap the string around the end of a piece of chalk. Once wrapped, tie around and in a knot to hold it. Then tie the opposite end to the top of the clipboard and set your chalk on the clip as you would a pen – this way, you’ll never lose the chalk.


You can also add a piece of patterned washi tape at the top and write on it with Sharpie for your title. I dubbed mine “the list,” so that whenever we say we need something, we can just say, “Put it on the list!”

Use a nail or, in my case, push pin to hang the clipboard inside a cupboard or on your wall. I love having it inside the cupboard so it’s mostly out of sight but comes in handy when I need it. In a matter of minutes, I turned a ratty old clipboard I never used into a very useful chalkboard.



Stud Earring Jewelry Box

IMG_3643 I’ve only had my ears pierced for a little over a year now, but I quickly started collecting earrings. I love earrings and find myself looking at them everywhere I go. At first, I would put all of my studs in a small glass catch-all bowl I picked up at IKEA. Then I accumulated more and more earrings, and it would take me five minutes to dig through the bowl to find what I was looking for. A while back, I came up with one earring storage solution with my lace earring tree for longer, dangly ones, but the studs were another story. Finally, I found a solution – a jewelry box. It sounds so obvious now, and it was one of the easiest projects that I’ve made.


You’ll need a shallow, wooden box that is wide enough to fit a pencil. I found the perfect one at Michael’s for just $5 (plus a coupon)! You will also need approximately eight unsharpened pencils, a hot glue gun, approximately eight pieces of felt, and some craft paint with paint brushes.




First, I painted the box white. I wanted something simple to blend in with the rest of my room since my dresser is already really crowded. While you wait for it to dry, cut the sides of the felt to match the width of the inside of the box. Mine was 8.5 inches wide. I chose black to stand out against the white, but my black or dark colored earrings blend in a little too well. I’d suggest a different color. Using the hot glue gun, glue the pencil to the very end of the felt and begin rolling it so that the felt curls tightly around the pencil. Glue the end of the felt to the wrapped portion. This should fit somewhat snuggly inside the box. Do that to all of your pencils. I used eight total because of the size of my box, but for the last roll, I cut the felt so that the roll would be thinner than all of the others. The last roll needed to be thinner to fit inside the box without making the others too crammed together, and without the last roll there was too much space.



Then add in your studs and enjoy! It’s quick, easy and very efficient. And I live for efficient!

Spice Up Old Clothespins


When I get bored, I look for projects to do. One day, I scavenged for all the clothespins I could find in my apartment, and began painting. It adds a little color to my otherwise boring, crowded pantry, and with a little glue, I made magnets for my fridge.


All you need are clothespins, paint, small brushes, magnet(s), scissors, and a glue gun. If you feel like going all out, add some glitter. Paint them however you please. If you plan to turn them into magnets, there’s no need to paint both sides.


To make the clothespins magnetic, I found an old sheet to cut up. It was one of those tiny little calendars realtors give out with their faces on them. Measure it according to the clothespin, and cut a sliver of it to match the top part of the pin. With your glue gun, paste the magnet to the back and press. Give it a second to dry, and it should be ready for the fridge.


Use them to hang pictures or reminders to personalize your kitchen. Just remember, it won’t hold very much weight unless you have a heavy-duty magnet glued on. Mine are kind of flimsy, but that’s what I get for choosing not to actually purchase real magnets. After all, I am a poor college student, but I’m sure better magnets are available for cheap at your local craft store.


Lace Earring Tree

Dangling earrings can be difficult to store or hang, so I found a simple, cute way to remedy the problem. This project only cost me about $3, and you can design it to fit in with your decor.

All you need is a cheap frame, some lace, scissors, and a glue gun. Depending on the frame, you may also want spray paint. I picked up a frame at the dollar store and spray painted it with a leftover can that I had. Your lace should be a tight pattern rather than open so that the earrings can stay in place.

First, remove the frame backing and glass. Cut the lace to fit over the opening of the frame. Leave enough extra fabric on the sides just in case. You can always cut the excess lace after. Because of the type of frame I had, my only choice was to glue the lace down with a glue gun, but it may need to be re-glued in the future because the earrings may pull at the lace, causing wear. You can also use a staple gun if you have a wood frame. Begin gluing the lace, and pull the sides tightly over the frame’s opening as you glue it down. It should be pulled tight to better hold the earrings.

Once it’s glued and feels secure, it’s ready for use. It’s probably easiest to lean against something because the backs of the earrings may not lay properly if you try to hang the frame on a wall. It is somewhat delicate, but it holds my earrings well, and now I can actually display them instead of leaving them laying on my dresser.